How to Find Gold

A guide for beginner prospectors on where to find Gold

Most probably in a river nearby

Panning for gold with the hopes to see the glittering color of this fine material is honestly a thrill that is difficult to compare.

As if as a human, you were supposed to be excited by the sight of gold.

I have been loving this thrill for many years and want to share what I have learned.


Where is the gold?

Why would there be gold near me?

What equipment do I use?

How do I prepare?

#1 Where is the gold?

Gold can be found near the river simply because of its weight. The gold comes from eroded gold veins further upstream. The river simply picks it up and transports it thousands of miles away and because of its weight, it will sink to the bottom of the river and get caught in rocks and crevasses for us to find.

Two types of places to look for gold, shallow areas and places you need a shovel. I only enjoy the shallow areas near the river, which makes the day much more enjoyable, which is a big part of panning for gold.

What I have learned over the years of panning is:

  • Look for the place where the river has a bend. The water moves faster on the outside of the bend and on the inside gravel and gold will accumulate. Slower water makes the gold drop to the bottom and mix in with the gravel.
  • Boulders in the river also cause obstruction, slowing the water and making all the gold drop to the bottom.
  • Crevasses on the side or inside the river also accumulate deposits of gold
  • Small waterfalls are an excellent place for gold to accumulate

#2 Why would there be gold near me?

Because Gold is everywhere! I kid you not, you will be shocked, I was.

It’s what makes gold prospecting so fun if you know where to look.

Many regions have been industrially exploited and most known prospecting regions have seen too many people come through to leave any gold near the rivers.

That’s why I started in local unknown rivers, that correspond to the description I put above and was happy to realize there is still a lot of fun to be had.

Locating a river nearby and ignoring totally where other prospectors go is a good method to avoid overly prospected areas.

Give it a go! The worst that can happen is a pleasant day in the sunshine.

#3 What equipment do I use?

Never needed much, sure you can get a sluice box and some avid prospectors have much more complex equipment but start with the basics.

The cheap ones will cost you gold and some are really flimsy. This will last your forever and become a source of joy in your life as it has done for me.

I also wrote a guide on how to pan for gold, check it out if to learn how to pan!

You will sometimes find pickers or nuggets but it’s a lot rarer than the gold you will find panning through the material. Which comes out in small flakes of gold. Snuffer bottle and suction allows you to keep safe what you have found during the day and start to see all the flakes accumulate.

Add a piece of string and wear it around your neck, to ensure it does not get lost.

Well, that’s what I do.

  • A shovel to gather material or dig into bedrock if you feel fit.
  • Hat, sunscreen, and water.

You will be spending some time out in the sun next to a beautiful river, it’s not as fun burnt to a crisp and dehydrated believe me.

#4 How to prepare

Get to know your area by google maps or bring out a map of the region. But google maps is better in my opinion. We are not in the 1800s California gold rush and getting lost ruins a day.

Prepare equipment, I would do a test with some Paydirt for your first time, ensuring some gold for the day as well.

I like pay dirt and have bought many of the years. Some are scams but very few in my experience. I will write a review on the paydirt I have bought so you get an idea of what’s in a bag.

Here is a Paydirt I have bought and know contains gold:

Get some proper boots or just accept that your feet will be soaked if not.

Pick a river to walk along (not private property), bendier the better.

And go outside to enjoy what nature has to give.

After being locked up in houses and offices for so long…

You will quickly start to realize that what you take out of prospecting, is not just gold to sell.. 🙂

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