Beginner Guides

How to Find Gold

Most probably in a river nearby

Panning for gold with the hopes to see the glittering color of this fine material is honestly a thrill that is difficult to compare.

As if as a human, you were supposed to be excited by the sight of gold.

How to Stake your Own Gold Claim

I will cover how to stake your own gold claim:

Mineral Discovery,

Claiming Procedure

Claiming & Maintenance Fees.

How to Pan for Gold

Looking for a new outdoor hobby, one that can be shared with children, wife, and dog? Find a river I will explain how to find gold anywhere.

I will go over the 5 Gold Panning Steps & signs you’re in a good spot

How to Choose the Right size Gold Pan

If you are looking for a new gold pan or buying your first, I will cover the different sizes of Gold Pans and which ones I recommend.